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../images/leafbullet.gif (135 bytes)Why should you purchase Essiac when there are cheaper alternatives on the market?

While it is true that Essiac is slightly higher priced than some counterfeit products available in the market, Essiac is the original Rene M. Caisse herbal formula and it is of premium quality herbs*.

../images/leafbullet.gif (135 bytes)How can I tell if the product is a counterfeit?

Rene Caisse's picture and her authorized signature must be on the box or bottle. The prices will most likely be lower on the counterfeit products. The original recipe consists of Indian Rhubarb (Root Rheum Officinale) and not Turkey Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum). Many companies claim to have an improved formula. There is no such thing because only Essiac with the registered trademark is the original proprietary formula from nurse Rene M Caisse.

../images/leafbullet.gif (135 bytes)Many of the alternative products, which are available in the marketplace, boast of having formulas the same as Essiac. Why should you choose Essiac?

There are many counterfeits of Essiac® in the marketplace. Whether they claim to be an improved formula, an enhanced product, or whether they claim to have Essiac® under another name or spelling of the name, they are all counterfeits making false and irresponsible claims. The manufacturers of these counterfeits are not selling Essiac®. Remember, it is impossible for a counterfeit manufacture, let alone improve upon a proprietary formula that they do not possess.*

../images/leafbullet.gif (135 bytes)How much Essiac should you use?

The suggested amounts are listed on the product labels and on the secure order page.*

../images/leafbullet.gif (135 bytes)Can Essiac be used with other products?

Please consult your healthcare practitioner for more information.*

../images/leafbullet.gif (135 bytes)How does it taste?

Essiac tastes like a herbal tea. It can be sweetened with honey, if desired.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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